We are a married couple dedicated to serving God as He wills while exercising diversity, grace and love.  We accept Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior and believe in blessing others as God has blessed us.  We are a new ministry focused on presenting the truth of God's word and performing mission work throughout our community and abroad while building disciples of Christ.  We believe that the church is the people that worship and not a building they worship in.  We also believe in transparency of our lives, and our mission is to "Build, Equip and Strengthen Disciples of Christ for Victorious Living."  We will present our ministry through online messages,  podcast, speaking engagements and interviews with God's people as they perform evangelistic outreach.  We are excited for what God has called us to do and hope that others will see our passion and join in this great mission.

In Service of Our Lord

Minister Derrick & Emalee Crawford